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April 25
Friday 25 April 2014 15:17

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  15. NZD/USD Technical Analysis ? Passing on Short Trade Setup
  16. GBP/JPY Technical Analysis ? Pound Rises to 2-Week High
  17. EUR/JPY Technical Analysis ? Still Waiting for Follow-Through
  18. DailyFX Technical Focus: 4/17/2014
  19. GBP/USD Leaves Nasty Candle at Nearly 5 Year High
  20. NZD/USD Breaks Trendline and 20 Day Average
  21. USD/CAD Responds Before Week Open at 1.0975
  22. Gold Still Trading Heavy
  23. Crude Breakout or Fakeout-Critical Next Few Days
  24. USD/CHF Outside Day Provides Reference Point to Take Near Term Stand
  25. USD/JPY 5 Days Up; 102.50/70 is Still a Reaction Zone
  26. USDOLLAR Dips and Rips
  27. AUD/USD Outside Day Provides Reference Point
  28. EUR/USD Rally Fails before Friday?s Close
  29. How to Catch Swings in the Forex Market
  30. 4 GBP/AUD Signals That Favor the Downside
  31. Price & Time: Downside Break on the Horizon in USD/JPY?
  32. AUD/USD Holds 0.9330 Support For Now- Waiting for Bearish RSI Trigger
  33. Models Target Fresh US Dollar Lows versus Euro, Yen, British Pound
  34. Gold Prices Likely to Trade Lower as Recovery Falls Flat
  35. Australian Dollar Rally at Clear Risk on Two Factors
  36. US Dollar Remains at Risk versus the Japanese Yen
  37. Euro Forecast Bullish versus the Japanese Yen
  38. EUR/AUD Bottom Developing as EUR/JPY Holds 139.90-143.75 Range
  39. British Pound Gains are Slowing but Not Likely Over
  40. Euro Remains in the Driver’s Seat versus US Dollar
  41. Canadian Dollar Rallies on Improved Inflation Despite BoC Warning
  42. Price & Time: Coincidence or History Repeating?
  43. EUR/AUD Bottom Developing as EUR/JPY Holds 139.90-143.75 Range
  44. USD/JPY Breaks 102.00 Handle Following Bullish Candlestick Pattern
  45. NZD/USD At A Critical Juncture As Hammer Awaits Confirmation
  46. GBP/USD Edges Out Fresh Multi-Year High With Bearish Signal Absent
  47. EUR/USD Bulls Return As Candlesticks Signal Potential Recovery
  48. AUD/USD Traders In Suspense Following Bearish Reversal Signal
  49. Crude Oil Retreats, Gold and Silver Exposed To Ebbing Ukrainian Concerns
  50. USD/CAD Risks Larger Pullback on Faster Canada Headline & Core CPI